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This blog is here, so I may as well use it to display the art pieces I create. More than four years after I started, my main medium is still graphite and colored pencil, but I am also now experimenting with watercolor paints. Such pieces as I deem worthy will be displayed here, however, after posting the few back-dated pieces, my postings may not be too regular. I've been known to destroy unfinished pieces I do not like or to just not finish those pieces and move on to something else.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Untitled Still Life

I completed another colored pencil piece Thursday, March 8. I didn't give it a name or much thought about framing, because the original has a defect in the paper that I didn't notice until this piece was nearly finished. Other than the defect that you won't find in this scan, I kind of like the piece.

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