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This blog is here, so I may as well use it to display the art pieces I create. More than four years after I started, my main medium is still graphite and colored pencil, but I am also now experimenting with watercolor paints. Such pieces as I deem worthy will be displayed here, however, after posting the few back-dated pieces, my postings may not be too regular. I've been known to destroy unfinished pieces I do not like or to just not finish those pieces and move on to something else.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Starr Fish - In Progress sketch

I'm fairly happy with this sketch... I see only one major mistake I made, on the right side of the starfish, there's a larger gap between the two arms than intended.  My own impatience and the lighness of my original outline of this subject are the cause there, and it's something I should keep in mind for the next time.

Note that water hasn't been applied to this sketch... yet... The coloration will change when I do that. I need to research how to produce a sandy-looking texture for my background before I add some water to change the colors of this drawing.  As with my turtle, I used water-soluable colored pencils, but intending this one to only be a practice exercise, I didn't transfer it to watercolor paper.

Also worth mentioning: The colored pencils  I use don't erase well, so correcting the error at this stage isn't possible.  If I had spotted it before I added the color, yes, I could have made the correction... which I should also note is a good reason to delay a bit before adding color and after I THINK the initial graphite sketch is correct.

Starr Fish - A Drawspace Lesson