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This blog is here, so I may as well use it to display the art pieces I create. More than four years after I started, my main medium is still graphite and colored pencil, but I am also now experimenting with watercolor paints. Such pieces as I deem worthy will be displayed here, however, after posting the few back-dated pieces, my postings may not be too regular. I've been known to destroy unfinished pieces I do not like or to just not finish those pieces and move on to something else.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Scruffy Puppy


This lesson builds on the lesson in the previous post. For comparison purposes, here's my finished sketch.  My husband says he looks like a scruffy puppy, so I called this sketch "Scruffy". The original is 9 inches X 9 inches, graphite on 45lb paper.... yep another page in the same sketch book I used for the first sketch.  To preserve the integrity of my first sketch, I made a photo copy of that sketch and then traced it onto another page and then continued with the advanced lesson T05  Isaac from Drawspace.com.  He's cute - and looks like a dog somewhat, but certainly not like little Isaac in the lesson... And instead of bothering with color for this sketch, I think I'll move on to something different... maybe try Isaac some other time, after my skill set has been enhanced by other lessons.

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